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Any changes I make in Microthemer are not reflected on the website. I’ve cleared my caches (inlucding Cloudflare) but it still doesnt show?

Any advice appreciated.




Dear people of Themeover,
Same problem here. After updating Microthemer to version I experience strange effects on my website. Microthemer started to react very slow. Then I noticed GravityForms shows honeyput within BeaverBuilder, not on the other pages (when logged out). The adjusted colors on the buttons and the colors on the input fields on GravityForms only visible when logged in and same with the action arrows on SmartSlider3 and the captions on SmartSlider 3. All these changes disappear when logged out.
Restoring precious settings seems not to be working.
All worked well before that update..
Kind regards,


I’m happy to be able to let you know that I disabled Autoptimize and installed the latest Microthemer update and everything works fine know. Maybe the problem was Autoptimize.
All the best,


I have exactly the same problem. Would appreciate a reply.



I’m so sorry for the slow reply guys. I wasn’t getting forum notifications last month and then caught up on all the threads with just one poster, but must have missed this one due to the two posts and voices (which made me think I had already replied).

Thanks for confirming your issue was with Autoptimize Marianne. If MT is still running slowly I would be happy to review your site if you don’t mind sending me access via our secure contact form? Or did that issue resolve itself too?

Michael and Julias, caching (either a plugin or on the server) is the most common explanation for changes only showing on the backend, and not when you are logged out. But some other explanations are:

1) invalid CSS somewhere, which makes the browser ignore all CSS rules after the invalid CSS when working outside MT (because a CSS stylesheet is used in that context)

2) The HTML of the page is a bit different for logged out users, and so the MT selectors do not apply to all elements in that context.

Could you send me links to the pages you’re working on with an explanation of which style(s) are applying when working in MT but not when viewing the site as a normal site visitor?


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