Changing Site URL results in the old URL still being used [RESOLVED]

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Noticed in the latest version of Microthemer (4.47) that when you change the site URL or migrate the site to a new domain that the old URL to the active-styles.css stays the old domain. I’ve cleared my cache a few times and checked a few different browsers and it still shows the old URL.

Could there be a field in the “Preferences” to set a site URL? Is there a need for one?

I’m nervous to deactivate and reactive to see if that works. Any guidance?



Could you send me a link to your site please? Do you mean that the link to the external stylesheet (active-styles.css) in the head of your pages is the wrong URL? Or that urls contained within the active-styles.css file are wrong?

If it’s the latter, simply saving your Microthemer settings again on the new domain might do the trick. Deactivating and reactivating should be safe under all circumstances by the way.



Thanks Sebastian. Turns out a manual save did the trick.



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