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It could be a silly question to many, but I’d to ask (as a code-learning beginner) if I can import & export HTML with microthemer? If yes, is it pure HTML (5?) that can work on either WP or non-Wordpress?
How about CSS/JS? By the way, Microthemer looks promising in my code learning journey. (So does its steep learning curve, though)



Hi Jay,

You can import and export CSS with Microthemer.

You can export to design packs which can be downloaded, and then installed and imported on other sites. And you can import regular CSS into Microthemer via Packs > Import > CSS Stylesheet.

However, Microthemer doesn’t deal with HTML in any way. It just focuses on styling WordPress HTML content generated by any other kind of WP tool (Gutenberg, page builders, themes, plugin content etc).

I recommend following along with the video tutorials on the live demo to get a feel for the Microthemer workflow. And I’m here if you have any further questions.


p.s. I’ve just increased my server resources as I noticed the live demo was getting lots of traffic and taking a while to load.


Thank you for your kind answer!
I will further go through each of them.


You’re welcome!

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