Confused [cannot target specific lines in address on website]


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1) I created a simple style to make my text #CD9A66 (Tan/Gold) .

Business Name
City, State Zip


2) Selected my info above and made it tan. That worked great!

3) Then wanted to select the Phone and Email and change to #FFFFFF (white)

Could not select just the Phone and Email.

4) Tried to highlight by dragging over text and then selecting the white style I created also before.

Could not get it to change and do not understand how to reuse a style I created in a simple way. Is not that the point? Simply drag the text and choose a style and it converts it to a pre-determined style that has previously been created. Like style sheets in Word.

Help me understand how to use the program to simplify my formatting.



By the way… the best way to help us is to make short videos showing where to click with explanations for things like this. Monkey see… Monkey do.



Could you post a link to your website please? I can then advise you on how to target the phone and email separately. It will involve creating a separate selector for those elements, the highlight method you suggested won’t work with Microthemer.

Sometimes targeting elements separately can be tricky if the underlying HTML on the page doesn’t contain any uniquely identifying ids or classes (hooks that allow you to apply different styling to different portions of the page). But not impossible. I can provide assistance in creating a custom selector if Microthemer’s selector wizard has problems targeting the phone and email elements separately.


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