Copying border color to the other color pickers [double click not working]

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It seems the border color picker is not working like it use to? When choosing a color for the 1st border and double clicking to copy to all other color pickers it does not work? Is there a different way to copy the colors to the other color pickers?


Hey, not currently. But as it happens, I’m already working on that feature today. I will roll it out early next week along with a series of other improvements to the UI.

I hope that’s OK,


Thanks Sebastian! That feature would be great and help make that part of coping over the border colors faster and easier.

note: I just started using Beaver Builder and I saw some post about having MT updated to reflect the fl part of a page when using BB. Has this been implemented already?

Have a great day!


We haven’t added that beaver builder feature yet. I held off because I have other plans for making beaver builder and Microthemer easier to use in combination. I’ll do all the beaver builder related features in one go, once we’ve updated the selector wizard (which I’ll do very soon, I’ve finished but not published the responsive tutorial that took priority over MT updates for a long time).

In the meantime, you can trigger beaver builder editing inside the Microthemer preview by adding ?fl_builder to the frontend preview URL via the preferences. For example:

Beaver Builder parameter

I hope that helps!


In version 5 Microthemer now supports easier color selection and Beaver Builder integration.
See a comprehensive list of features here:

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