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Loving the plugin but I have a question, do I need to create a separate selector for each roll-over state or have I missed something when I style link elements is there a function that lets me style :hover :active : visited within the same selector name.

Also once an entire site has been styled it’s very hard to remember what elements have customised css added. I understand that if you rollover the selectors under the folders group it will jump to the styled element but if you simply double click an element I think it should also highlight the selection within the quick edit area, at present it doesn’t and just has the last selected styled element showing.

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve added 3 selectors for the same element without knowing.



Hi, CaseyGraphics,

I just add the pseudo elements manually. I create a link selector, then duplicate it and add the :hover or :active to the new copy.

For viewing the code there is a button in the toolbar to view the code Microthemer generates. It will give you a stylesheet view of all your edits, including selector names within comments, so you can see what you’ve done in one place.


Thanks Abland, I agree with your advice on using the copy icon to duplicate a selector. You do need to create separate selectors for the different states Casey. I generally name them. “XXX Link”, “XXX Link Hover” etc.

– you do make a good point re making it easier to return to an existing selector when clicking on elements. This is something we will address when we give the selector wizard a major update. This is next on the list after I’ve finished an in-depth tutorial on designing responsively with Microthemer and a number of other smaller tutorials.



Thanks for the reply, great to see that this is on the list, loving what you have here so far. Thanks


It’s great to hear that you’re liking Microthemer 🙂

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