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I’m new and not sure if this has been asked before. I searched “resize editor, code resize, css editor height” but came up with nothing.

Would like the ability to have more lines of code visible. The current height is very small and would really improve workflow if one could resize via drag handle, go full screen (full height) if desired, maybe even set opacity to see preview behind it while one codes and lastly the ability to dock left, right and even bottom and/or modal window.

I am so much faster writing raw css/scss so I almost never even use the selector system. This would be a huge benefit thank you for consideration.



Yes I’m happy to add that feature. It was going to be part of a recent release but then I realised it would need a bit of extra consideration in order to work with the auto-resize (when new lines are added/removed up to the 13 line mark).

But now that you’ve given me your feedback on this, I’ll reprioritise this feature. I’ll post back here when it’s ready.



Hi, I’d really like to second this request. I find it difficult to scroll around and find code in the small window.
Some thoughts:
Simplest: Preference setting to adjust the maximum number of rows shown.
Preferable: Ability to toggle between full screen and minimised mode.
Like to have: Side by side view (left/right instead of top/bottom).

– Adrian.

P.S. Excellent work on this plugin – worth every dollar!


Thanks for the feedback Adrian. My collaborator friend Jose is also pushing for this. And you’ll be please to know that the option we settled on is your Preferable option. When toggled into full screen mode, the editor height will also be mouse adjustable by dragging at the bottom right.



Thanks for the speedy response Sebastian;
Great news! Looking forward to the new release with this additional functionality.

Keep up the good work!

Regards, Adrian.

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