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Hi Sebastian,

Having now come back to Microthemer, eager to make it work this time, I have more or less read all the documentation at

There is one thing that I cannot find. Please feel free to tell me that I am looking for a feature that nobody else uses or that is not targeted with Microthemer at all, if that is the case.

(I use Beaver Builder plugin, theme and themer.)

Without Microthemer, I would hand code css and assign it to a css class (for a row, column, or module) to be able to reuse this in other instances and to be able to alter the styling at one place.
Is it possible to use Microthemer to do this? Or should I revert to the manual procedure as described for example here:



Hey Henrik,

Welcome back! Well you can certainly use Microthemer to target content based on the classes you’ve added via Beaver Builder. The default selector Microthemer first suggests may not reference one of your custom classes, but you can choose an alternative via the advanced targeting options (the dropdown menus under the Targeting suggestions pane on the right). There is now a handy specificity toggle which will prioritise class selectors over id selectors if you set it to ‘low’.

If you are asking if Microthemer can be used to add HTML classes, the answer is “No”. Microthemer leaves HTML content to Gutenberg or page builders like Beaver Builder.

Does that help answer your question? Or have I missed the mark?


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