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Am I able to make edits that stick to a specific page and doesn’t “trickle” to the entire site? For example, I edited the header on a page I was designing as a landing page only to have it affect every other page within the site.



This is more out of curiosity if it can happen through CSS with microthemer sense I know I can get it done by editing the page.php and header.php files.


Hello, after editing the header in the aforementioned manner the plugin has stopped working on that particular page. Is there a way we can figure out a fix? Let me know how I should provide the link and information. I tried to find a way to provide it privately through this thread but I couldnt find anything clear cut.


Nevermind, it was a conflict with the supercache plugin.


Hi Karmach,

I’m glad you managed to solve the header issue. In answer to your first question, yes it is possible to limit the affect of CSS styles to a particular page. If you can send me a link to your website via out contact form I will advise you on exactly how to do it.


Many thanks,

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