Drop Down Menus & Gaagle Fonts.

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Notice: this information was written when Microthemer version 2 was current. On Dec 26th, 2014 version 3 was released with a completely new interface. Some of the information may be redundant, but as much of the functionality remains the same in version 3 we haven't deleted this post.

On a local W7 machine I have 2 niggling issues w/the latest version.

1) on Font selection I only see Gaagle Fonts available? Is this the way it’s supposed to be? and,
2) In any drop-down menu I can not use rodent to select item. Have to select item with ‘down arrow’. Additionally, moving the rodent away, to select with down arrow, closes drop down.

thank you.


(S. if ya wanna remote support – i’m glad to host w/gotomeeting)


Hi there,

Your problem number 2 can’t be avoided unfortunately. It’s a dropdown menu specific issue that I haven’t been able to find a javascript solution to.

If you could send me login details to your site I will have a look at the Google fonts issue. You should be able to select web safe fonts from the dropdown too. But Google fonts are the only custom fonts you can add at the moment.




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