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Im having an issue.

Ive edited the margin of the page on the front page.
I then try to edit another page but the settings ive created for the front page applies to the other pages. If i edit the margins on the other page, the effect applied changes on everything else.

How can i edit independent pages without it effected other pages?



I’m really sorry for the slow reply. I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t responded to your post as I was falling asleep last night.

It is possible to reduce the scope of your styles so that they only appear on one page. Most WordPress sites insert classes specific to each page e.g. .page-id-5 into the body element. By prepending these classes to the CSS code Microthemer generates it’s possible to limit styles to just one page.

We will be updating the selector wizard soon so that Microthemer can automatically prepend these classes when needed (instead of fiddling around with the code yourself). But for now, could you post a link to your website and a description of your goal so that I can provide step by step instructions on the process?

Many thanks,


Is there an ETA on adding the ability to add the page-id to the CSS it generates through the selector wizard?



Hi Michael,

I’m incredibly bad at predicting how long things will take. All I can say is that I see the selector wizard as THE main big feature that needs lots of improvements (including easy page targeting). It will take priority once I’ve finished my comprehensive tutorial on designing responsively with Microthemer, which will also serve as a general CSS tutorial for those that want to really master Microthemer.



Cool, page-level targeting would be awesome.

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