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Hi I’m very new to microthemer and I think it’s great… been able to get a lot done already.

It has been very easy to edit just navigating my way through my site, but now I want to edit elements of my login and registration page…. the problem is I can’t navigate to them while I’m actually logged into wordpress! How do I access pages to edit that sit outside of my logged in user navigation?


Hi there,

Great to hear you’ve been making progress with Microthemer. The best workaround I’ve come up with for handling the problem of not being able to style pages that only appear when you’re logged out is copying and pasting the HTML source code for the login/registration form to another regular page that you can access with Microthemer.

You can do this by clicking Control+U (firefox or chrome) and then use Control+F to find the right section of HTML code to copy and paste into the ‘HTML’ tab of the WordPress editor on your test page.

When you double-click things in Microthemer to create selectors, expand the advanced options and go to the ‘Targeting’ tab. If the default CSS selector code (the one with the white background) has any numbers in it that might relate to a post ID e.g. ‘#post-5 .something’, drag the slider down to a broader option that doesn’t contain any numbers. Otherwise your styles will only take effect on the test page.

If this sounds a bit out of your comfort zone I can set up your test page with the login/registration form for you if you can send me login details for your WordPress site via this secure contact form: https://themeover.com/support/contact/


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