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I just bought MT plugin. Main reason to build responsive sites easier.

I like the Selector Highlighter but it sometimes missing the target, or goes a bit to deep.
So it would help a lot if we could have an element selector tool like the one in Chrome Dev tools or Firebug.

Like it is now. If I double click an icon I probably need to travel up the CSS selectors with the Inspector to find the container Div.
Much better would be if I can see the element I’m about to double click at. Speeds up the work a lot.

Do you have any plans to integrate such a function.



Hey Olle,

Yes, this is on the To Do list. I see a ton of opportunities for speeding up people’s workflow in Microthemer. And the selector wizard is where we can achieve some big wins. The current selector wizard is fairly basic. Improving the suggestions (in terms of scope, flexibility, and configurability of the default suggestion) and making the long list of selectors easier to manage is the first priority. The very next priority will be making the initial selection easier. As well as the double-click method, we will have a hover method (triggered by a keyboard shortcut) that will give feedback on the hovered element to make hitting the correct target first time easier.

I have some ideas on how to make the targeting of tightly nested parent/child elements easier, but this will probably require some experimentation to get exactly right.

We will make the new selector wizard available in edge mode first. Please sign up to our edge mode newsletter if you’d like to get notified when this is ready, and possibly feedback on it before it becomes permanent.



Microthemer now has dramatically improved targeting features.

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