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I wonder what the easiest way is, to integrate elementors “global color”- and “global font”-variables into microthemer. I know that I can open the three dots field on every entry field and that I can find several variables found in the site there, but on startup those variables are only a set of wordpress variables: –wp–preset–…

How can I load all Elementor global variables into that list and delete all others?




Hey Sascha,

MT collects variables on startup, but you can resample them from the current page.

  1. Once you’ve opened the variables menu, hover of the “Site variables” heading.
  2. This will reveal a refresh icon with a tooltip that says “Resample variables from the page“.
  3. Click that on an Elementor page and it should pull the CSS variables from Elementor’s stylesheet.

If it doesn’t, please could you send me a link to an Elementor page so I can see why MT might be missing them?


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