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while trying to use the elementor integration I found the following issues:

– When using the integration I can not open the header or footer template. I always end up in a page view where I see elementors “edit header” button, but clicking on it does also not load the actual header. Is there a way to open the header or footer templates in microthemer?

– When I use elementor and microthemer in parallel tabs the microthemer changes are not shown in the elementor editor of the same page even after reload of the elementor editor. While when using the integration the changes done with microthemer are shown within the elementor editor. Is there a way to have elementor load the microthermer CSS when not in “integrated” mode?




Hey Sascha,

Loading Elementor’s header or footer template

I don’t have an up to date copy of Elementor Pro to test templates with. Would you mind providing access to a site running Elementor Pro via the secure contact form? I will request a copy from Elementor too, it just might take a day or two.

Working with Elementor and Microthemer in parallel tabs

If your MT style changes aren’t showing when reloading the Elementor interface, could this be a caching issue? I just did a test of that and the style changes displayed correctly in Elementor after a page refresh. Whatever the cause of this, the following option might help:

Settings > Integration > Sync browser tabs

When enabled, Microthemer will auto-refresh it’s styles in other browser tabs so you don’t have to manually refresh the page after making a change in MT. Also, MT will auto-reload the site preview after you save your content changes in Elementor.

I’m calling this type of integration “shallow integration”. It’s been added for:

  1. Divi
  2. Bricks
  3. Brizy
  4. Zion
  5. WP Page Builder
  6. Breakdance
  7. OptimizePress
  8. Thrive Architect

And it’s also been added for page builders that are supported with deep integration:

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Oxygen



Thanks for providing access Sascha. I see that there is a bug with the Auto-publish feature. I will roll out a fix tomorrow. In the meantime, I have disabled auto-publish and things seems to be working fine, including the browser tab sync feature.



OK, Microthemer version fixes the auto-publish issue.



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