Elementor – Move elements to different sections

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Is it possible to move elements, for example a button that is a part of a widget to another section / column on the page.

For example I have a button that is a part of a widget. This widget is in the first column of a 3 column section in Elementor. Can I do something like a cut / paste of the button for that widget and place it into a different column?


There are ways of achieving this with CSS, but it’s the kind of task that is much better suited to actually moving the HTML of the button (with drag and drop in Elementor if possible). Or have a separate button in the other column, and hide the button that is part of the widget (which you can do with CSS, set display: none via MT’s Behaviour group).

The problem with moving a button into another column with CSS (which you could do with the position or transform translate properties) is that it will not line up with the content in the other column. It will be taken ‘out of the flow of the document’. And even if you make things look OK on desktop, the alignment will be lost as the site adapts for lower screen sizes.


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