Feature Request – Facility to load Framework Libraries

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At present, we can load native WordPress JS libraries via General > JS libraries. If possible, can you create a feature in Microthemer, so that we can include framework CSS/JS files like that of Bootstrap or Tailwind. In this way the developers can bypass functions.php to enqueue these CSS/JS files. This can also be beneficial in case of Oxygen Builder, where there is no theme and hence no functions.php file.


Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I think that functionality would be best delivered as a separate plugin. I had a quick look if one exists already, but didn’t find anything. If I still can’t find one in about a year, I may well build it myself. I can see how it would be handy to have a central control panel for enabling various frameworks. But as it would be a fairly involved feature (to do it right), it must follow other priority updates. I hope you can understand that.

In the meantime, you can add custom code to an Oxygen site by using a simple plugin instead of functions.php. Microthemer comes with a simple plugin that you can download via General > Preferences > Inactive. You can use that as an example of a really simple plugin. Just change the name in the comments at the top and replace everything below and including “/* Begin Microthemer Code */” with your own code for loading frameworks.

I hope that helps.


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