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Hi there,

I was playing with the plugin and already (within five minutes) find it awesome!

I was wondering:

Maybe I am going to use the CSS output to put in my own custom style sheet. What happens with the fonts after I deactivate and delete the plugin?

For instance I like Helvetica. Is this font brought into the theme/site by the Mictothemer plugin and will it dissappear after deleting the plugin? Or is this font freely available for use on the web and will it stay after bringing it into the theme with the css code and deleting the plugin?

Same of course for the other fonts?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dee,

I’m really glad you’re enjoying Microthemer. The fonts in Microthemer will work fine if you copy and paste the CSS code to a different stylehsheet – apart from Google fonts. Microthemer generates an additional URL for loading Google fonts when you use a Google font in Microthemer.

Before removing Microthemer, you can either:

  1. View the source of the HTML on your site and copy the URL Microthemer generates for including Google Fonts into your theme.
  2. (Recommended) Go to the Inactive tab on Microthemer’s preferences popup and copy and paste the PHP code into your theme’s functions.php file. That way, you will include Microthemer’s stylesheet (/wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css) and include the Google fonts URL even when Microthemer is uninstalled. If you ever want to edit the styles, you can simply reinstall Microthemer and everything wil be there for you to edit.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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