frontend.min.css, what is it for?

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In addition to my previous post, another question:

I see that a stylesheet called frontend.min.css is loaded to the frontend. What is this for exactly? Is there a reason to keep it, and a way to dequeue it in case there’s a reason I would not need it?

Thank you for your help!


Hey Steven,

That CSS stylesheet, and min/frontend.js are only loaded for logged-in administrators. They won’t show for any other users visiting the site. They are there for the purpose of editing with Microthemer. I chose to load them all the time for WP admins to maximise compatibility. I do understand that users might think MT is loading junk resources, but people don’t usually mind when they realise the assets don’t load for anyone else.

Some apps append an URL parameter when the editor is active e.g. ?mt_editing but there is a chance this could get removed when navigating between pages, which I thought outweighed the advantages of using an URL param to conditionally load frontend resources (beyond the logged in admin condition). I haven’t ruled out changing this system though…

I hope that clears things up a bit.



Thank you for the explanation, it all makes sense now. I wouldn’t have expected microthemer to just spit out a bunch of bloat like that haha.

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