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Would it be possible to do a video on global classes like in the following video? How do I do what’s in the videos by using your product?

I should say that I’m completely new to web design and only know how to drag and drop.

After buying Oxygen I’m wondering if I even need Oxygen.

There are 2 things that stuck out to me – Perfectly Space All Elements in Oxygen With ONE CSS Class AKA “Owl” Spacing – How to Setup Oxygen: Best Global Settings (Automatically Responsive!)



In answer to your questions:

Do I need Oxygen?
You don’t need Oxygen if you just want to change the styling of content generated outside of Oxygen (for that you can use MT). But, if you want to create content with drag and drop, you do need to use Gutenberg, Oxygen, or another page builder, because Microthemer doesn’t handle content generation – just styling. Also, you need some way to add your own custom classes if you’re following the system shown in the videos. And you do that via a content editor, not MT.

How to do the things shown in the video in MT?
The CSS side of things can be done in MT of course. If you want to copy and paste some custom CSS rules (provided by the two articles associated with those two videos), you can do that in MT via View > Full code editor.

Some one has already made a video explaining how to work with Elementor global styles and Microthemer. And the technique is similar for Oxygen. He also explains how to work with Sass, which is a bit more advanced, but useful to learn if you’re inclined to so do.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Hello Sebastian

Yeah, definitely helps and thanks.

Wish me luck.

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