Google font library opens but does not respond to clicks

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Good day form Japan!
I just loaded Microthemer for the first time and attempted to change a font in a selector called Selectors»HomeHero»HomePageButton just to test stuff.
I can change the font with in the regular font selections of Microthemer. When I attempt to use the google font family, the font family dialog opens with what appears to be selectable links, font choosers and the big numbers gird (assuming they select different font families) but none of the links work. I cannot click on anything but the X to close the dialog. This dialog pops up when I first select Google Font from the Family drop down and from the edit google font button. The selection dialog appears, but none of the links are clickable to naviagate or select a font to use, not even the Next link. All of the other toolbar items I’ve played with appear to be working, changing text color, background color, etc.. just no ability to use the google font family.

Microthemer Version

WPMU Upfront theme Panino
(Upfront editor is not engaged when attempting these CSS edits)

Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit


I tested on Firefox Developer Addition – 52.0a2 (2016-12-31) (64-bit) and Safari (latest) with the same results.
So I did what I should have done before and deactivated all other plugins. The Google Font Gallery popup then worked. Started activating plugins to find the offender and it is a critical one for the store portion of my WPMU theme:


When the MarketPress plugin is activated it effects the Google Font Family popup and it actually moves the close window X from lower right to upper right and makes all items non-selectable, as in, I couldn’t even copy and paste text from the pop up.

At this time, I really don’t need to change fonts using the Google Font Family, but someone may in the future and it appears that I have found a theme that Microthemer does not get along with 100%.

My thought is that you would need to use something other than the pop up for the Google Font, but that’s a bit over my skill set.

Any ideas to fix? Thanks!


Good day to you too!

Thanks for reporting this. I installed MarketPress Lite and created a test product page. However, I’m not getting the Google font popup conflict you encountered. I wonder if a specific plugin-configuration on your site is causing the issue? Or if the premium version differs in a causal way. Would you mind sending me login details for your site via this secure contact form?

If not, and because this isn’t an urgent issue for you, we’ll update the Google fonts popup in the next big release due at the end of this month. And perhaps you could let us know if that incidentally fixes your issue? We’ll change some presentational aspects of the popup, including CSS classes that might be clashing.



Hi again!

My issue is currently on a local dev environment, so a remote login is not optimal at this time. I will see if the new update fixes the issue when its released.

Thank you!



Sure thing. Thanks for the update.


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