GRADIENT question – sharp transition versus gradual

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Hi Sebastian.

I bet this will be super easy question : how can I set gradient so it doesn’t have the smooth transition from one colour to the other colour? But just a strict line where the colours meet?

Something like : red 50%, green 50%

Thank you in advance.

PS: again, happy to code it, but just asking 🙂



This isn’t currently possible via the gradient GUI fields. It’s not possible to set a stop position for each color. The current gradient options are fairly basic at the moment. I’m working on animation properties right now. Then it will be transitions and transforms. Then I’ll update the gradient options, and merge them with the background properties. So it will be possible to create multiple backgrounds with flexible gradients.



Cool … especially the transform/transition. Just yesterday I was thinking about it, that it would be great to have it there. This is the “art” I needed the gradient for the background of the text & it uses translate X&Y to centre the text 🙂GradientAndTranslateCSS

Looking forward to seeing the new features. And a good news – one more month in order to upgrade to unlimited 🙂 WhoHooo 🙂

Thank you


Yes, I see how the upcoming style properties would help with that. I’m glad you’re looking forward to this, I’m certainly enjoying working on the new features 🙂

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