Grid issue – Totally new to Microthemer and I think I'm doing this wrong.

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Hi everyone. I’m a total newb to Microthemer and I have a problem getting grid elements to span vertically.

I made a video here to illustrate the issue and I’m happy to make another one if you need me to give more information.

Sorry about the quiet mic. On my next video I’ll actually mot mumble 😀

What am I doing wrong?


Hey Paul, if you could send me a link to the page you’re working on I can give you a more definitive answer. But my first guess from the video is that the explicit height setting of the boxes means they don’t fill the full height of the grid tracks you’ve defined.

You can probably overcome this by setting the height property to 100% via the ‘All’ tab. But again, I would need to check the page to be confident in my advice.

P.S. you can turn on the grid highlight feature to help diagnose issues like this. There is a button to the left of the grid control area.


Wow. That seemed to work [the All tab 100% thing].
Thanks Sebastian 🙂


Awesome. Are things showing up properly on the frontend too? (I think you mentioned an issue with that via FB)



Nope it looks like a tiny purple square on the frontend.

It also looks totally stretched (vertically in Microthemer if you view it Safari but ok in Chrome.

Are there more basic settings I’d need to set to get it to work out of the box?




Ah, could you resend the access details so I can check that please? (I wasn’t able to login with the details you sent on FB before). Thanks!

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