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I’m using the Blocomo theme for WordPress. I put a photo in the header, and used another for the background,
and that’s fine. The main body of the theme is white, and I want to change the color. How can I do that?




Please could you post a link to your website so that I can advise you on this further?

Here’s a general method which may help you (and others) in the meantime:

  1. Double-click some whitespace on the page (anywhere)
  2. Click the ‘advanced options’ link that appears in the selector wizard (top right)
  3. Click the ‘Inspector Tab’
  4. Expand the ‘Background’ computed CSS values
  5. Does is say ‘#FFFFFF’ (which is the hex code for white) to the background-color label? If not, the background color may be set on a parent element.
  6. Click the up directional arrow multiple times, while keeping an eye on the background color value. If you see it switch to ‘#FFFFFF’, and the blue highlighting covers a large enough area to affect the whole page, you have probably found the correct element that has the white background style.
  7. Next, go to the ‘Targeting tab’ just to the left of the ‘Inspector tab’
  8. If you want your new background color to affect all pages on the site, not just the page you’re looking at, try dragging the slider down (the broadest selectors are always at the bottom, but bear in mind it’s possible to be too broad. You wouldn’t want to target a very generic element like a ‘div’ or a ‘span’. If you see an option for just ‘body’ right at the bottom however, you can drag your slider down to that.
  9. Give your selector a name e.g. “Page”, place it in a folder, and then click the ‘Create Selector Button’.
  10. Finally, go to the background style group (which just looks like a plain square in the top toolbar options)
  11. Then use the color picker to set your preferred background color on the background color field. You may want to adjust the darkness on the color picker using the slider on the right.

I hope that helps. If not, I can provide more specific instructions once you’ve posted a link to your site.

Many thanks,



HI, I managed to change the background color, thank you.
The blog site is not up yet, and I still have work to do. I don’t
see how I can show you a screen capture, since when I click on
“img,” it wants a URL. it is not a URL yet.

So here’s a link to that theme’s site:


I would still like to change the background color of the
posts. Those are still white.


Hey, thanks for providing a link to the theme. I’ve inspected the HTML of the theme, and if you just want a quick way to change the background color or the posts (and other pages). Please manually create a selector by following these instructions:

  1. Expand the menu of folders and selectors from the folder icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Hover over the folder icon and click the (+) icon that will appear
  3. In the Descriptive Name field enter: General Content or whatever you like.
  4. In the CSS selector code textarea enter: #content
  5. Click the ADD SELECTOR button
  6. Finally, go to the background style group
  7. Then use the color picker to set your preferred background color on the background color field.

Please let me know if that works for you.



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