Having trouble getting out of the gate [editor window looks different]

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I hate to come here so quickly, but I watched the tutorial; and my site looks very different.

e.g. The tutorial shows “Edit with Microthemer” and mine just says “Microthemer”

The tutorial shows Desktop – tablet – phone etc and mine shows nothing but IE versions

In short – I can’t even get starting to learn.

There’s no “Double Click” directive, just “Enter custom code”.

I’m glad to read and learn, but everything seems to be totally different.

Can someone help?


Hi, Steven,

I have a template pack I use when designing so I bypass the initial start-up but if I remember correctly, double click on any element you’d want to edit. That should give you the sidebar to create a selector. Once that first selector is created you should have all the familiar toolbars 🙂


Steve, it sounds like you are on the custom code view. There are 2 different views in Microthemer. You can switch back to the GUI view by going to the View menu in the top right and then disabling the ‘Code View’ switch.

Once you’ve doubled-clicked and created your first selector, you will see all of the style options in the demo video.

Do you think you may have enabled the code view switch by mistake? I just installed Microthemer on a fresh WP install and it defaulted to the GUI view, as it’s meant to. But if you’re certain it defaulted to the code view I will investigate ways in which this can happen.

Regarding the ‘Edit with Microthemer’ link, I shortened that shortly after the video was made because I realised ‘Edit with Microthemer’ was a bit greedy given the lack of horizontal space in the toolbar.


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