Having trouble with fields and labels

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I have a Gravity Form and I’ve attached a video to illustrate the problem I have.
I’m not sure how to describe it. https://screencast.com/t/S7RCNm9Z2

I have a field with a label and you can see in the video that when it reaches a certain point (642 px) anything smaller makes the field jump below the label. No matter how big I make the label, the field or the container that it’s in, this happens. I can’t figure out how to use microthemer (or anything else) to keep it from happening. There’s enough room it appears for both to be on one line.

I also use microthemer because I’m not a pro with css. I’ve managed to get the form to look decent on a cell phone but at the expense of having it look better on a screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Keith,

Thanks for providing the video. I’ll probably need to inspect your site directly to offer a solution. Please could you send a link or access details via our secure contact form? (ideally creating a temporary user account for me with Administrator access which you can delete afterwards)


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