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I got couple of requests,

1. Is it possible to hide the validation email address after Microthemer has been unlocked using it?
The reason is, I don’t want my customers to see the way to activate this software on their own using my validation address. There’s a real danger, if people start to get nulled version of this plugin and start to validate it by using our validation addresses.

2. In a WordPress multisite setup, the plugin has to be validated separately for individual sub-sites.
Can you please consider to make the plugin automatically validated for all the sub-sites after its been validated in the main site?

Thanks and have a great day 🙂



1. Microthemer should already hide the validation email address after unlocking:

after unlock

Where in the interface are you seeing your email address?

2. Sure. We will look at this when we implement a series of multisite specific features. These features will follow some fundamental improvements to the selector wizard however.



Cool 🙂
I haven’t used the plugin in a while so i did not knew about this.

Yep, it would be great if you can remove the need to validate the product on a each sub-site on a network. This is very helpful for my upcoming multisite project.

Thanks and have a great day Sebastian 🙂


Account based activation is a much better and secure option – activating license using themeover account credentials like brands like iThemes do.

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