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Trying to make home slider more mobile friendly for http://sugarland-weddings.com/

I have created a selector “Mobile_home_slider” within the body – when I select the phone tab – the display on Microthemer looks pretty good – but not on the new iPhone6. By not good, I mean the slider image is really slim. I tried changing the height to 100% – but nothing seems to take.

I will tinker with this and try to figure out what I am missing – by the way I am using the trial version.



*** UPDATE ***

So if I change the height to 400 px this gets me closer. I thought though, that if I used 100% that it would be more fluid in height and adjust to the height of the containing element.

Perhaps, I am missing something here …


Hi shamrockoz,

Did you have the viewport set to 1 when you initially tried this? I can see that this setting is in place now (although not due to the Microthemer viewport setting, perhaps a theme setting)? I mention this because not having the viewport setting turned on via the ‘Edit media queries’ window could explain things looking different on the Microthemer preview compared to a real mobile device.

I see that the image doesn’t look too thin on my iPhone now that you’ve set the height. I would probably need to see it with the old setting to isolate the cause.


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