How can I just bold certain word in a text?

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According to the question, I have a radio button in a form.
I want a certain word in the radio button text need to be bold.
I just want to bold the word “FACE-TO-FACE” only.
Is there any ways that I can do that? Thanks in advanced.

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You can do this, but you need to edit the radio button label HTML, to encase the “FACE-TO-FACE” bit with a HTML tag. So if you currently have:

Exclusive private coaching – FACE-TO-FACE

You would change it to:

Exclusive private coaching – <span>FACE-TO-FACE</span>

Once you have encased the text you want to make bold with a HTML tag (it could be any, even strong or b, but span is for general purpose encasing) you can target that text with Microthemer and apply new styling.

If you can’t edit the radio button label, you could achieve this with some JavaScript, but it would be quite convoluted.

I hope that helps!


Where can I edit the radio button label HTML?


That depends on how the form in your image was created. If it was created using a form builder plugin, you might be able to add the span HTML tags by simply editing the an input field somewhere. However, it’s possible the form builder will escape your HTML tags (and print plain text instead).

If it was created using a page builder component, you may find a field to edit there too.

Or in some theme options if the form is provided by the theme.

Otherwise, you may find that you simply can’t edit the text.



Thank you so much sir. My problem solved.


You’re welcome!

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