How do I create a new box…. [adding by html – is it possible?]

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I have a header box on which the colour has been customized with Microthemer. Is there anyway I could create a section within that box, align it to the right and insert a company logo into it?

Many thanks

PS. Sebastian – I’m no longer hosting website from within Wealthy Affiliate – All my problems with Microthemer and some other plugins have astoundingly gone away. 🙂


Hi Paul,

Microthemer only allows you to style existing content on the page – it doesn’t provide you with any means of inserting new content like images. However, it does allow you to apply background images to elements already on the page, and it’s often possible to achieve your goal by using a background image in combination with some other CSS styles like padding and “no-repeat”. I would need to see your website to know for sure. Would you mind posting a link to your site?

Many thanks,


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