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Hi – I’m struggling to see how to update a selector that I’ve recently made – I remember this being an issue last time i used your product. I can’t see how to easily see the selector that I made so I can change it. Could you please let me know as its slightly driving me mad and slowing me down dramatically.



To find previously created CSS selectors there a few things you can do.

  1. At the top left of the interface, there is a ‘selectors’ menu which lists all of the selectors you have created. They are organised into folders. General is the default folder, but you can drag selectors into other folders, including custom folders as you generate more selectors. if you hover over a selector, a highlight icon will appear to the right. Hover over that icon to see which elements on the current page your selector targets – if it does indeed target an element on the current preview page.
  2. An alternative way to find selectors that target an element on the page is to click the Target button to trigger targeting mode. When you hover over element, a green plus icon (+) will show if you have not yet created an selectors that target the element. But if you have, a blue number will be shown instead. This number tells you how many selectors you’ve created that target the element. Click the number to view a list of existing selectors shown with a blue background. Click one to navigate to it.

This video explains some tips on managing your selectors:


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