How to clear ul/ li with Microthemer


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I have added the following code to the blog template using the Oxygen editor.

.article-content span ul li:before {
color: #82827e;
left: -2.3em;
position: absolute;
text-align: right;
width: 1.5em;
font-weight: 900;

I found that this code affects the style of the gallery block, as in the URL:

I tried using the following code, but it still didn’t work, and selecting list style:none; via Microthemer didn’t keep it from displaying

list-style-type: none;

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



The first CSS rule applies a bullet point using a ::before pseudo element. So to override this, you would need to set ::before on the 2nd rule e.g.

li.kadence-blocks-gallery-item::before {
   display: none;

The bullet is set using the content property on the ::before element, so list-style-type isn’t relevant. You could set content: ”; but it might be cleaner to set it not display at all with display: none;, as above.

Alternatively, you could modify the first selector in some way to make it only affect the elements you want. I would need a link to the page to advise you on that further though.


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