How to edit a page that is before login as admin?

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I need to edit page that is before admin login. however i can’t do so, because i need to login as admin then i can use microthemer to edit the page. Please help.

Also how do I insert words or edit words? Thank you.



The best workaround I can suggest is copying the (logged out) HTML content to a regular page and then styling that. The styles should apply to the real page too. There is a discussion and video showing how to do this on the following thread:

Regarding editing/inserting words with Microthemer – you can’t. Microthemer is only for styling content already on the page. You will need to manage the text via WordPress’ post/page editor. There are edge cases when you might want to use the CSS content property (find it in MTs Behaviour property group) to add a little bit of text, but it’s usually better to insert text content as regular HTML via WP’s content editors or some kind of page builder like Beaver Builder.


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