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I’d love to hide some content in the WordPress admin area. Microthemer seems like a good fit for that but I don’t know how to get it work in there, just in pages. Please kindly point me where to start with it.

Also, a bit off-topic, is it possible to change text with CSS? Or, maybe, a kind heart could provide me with a simple solution for changing the text without actually modifying plugins. Thank you.



Unfortunately Microthemer can only be used to style the frontend of your site at the moment. What content would you like to hide? This may not be relevant, but WordPress has a “Screen options” tab at the top right of every page that provides options for hiding various content.

There are some limited things you can do with CSS to change text. However, if you can post a link to the page which has the text you want to change without modifying the plugin responsible for it, I can advise you if it’s possible with CSS.

If it isn’t Microthemer also has a JavaScript (JS) tab. And I might be able to provide you with some JS code to paste in there to change the text. The slight disadvantage of using JS to change text dynamically is that the original text may be visible for a brief moment before the JS loads. But that may not be a big deal.



What I’m trying to do is some white-labeling of admin area for clients. All is smooth but, for instance, Yoast SEO (even Premium version) has got tons of references to Yoast all over the place plus some extra text. E.g. I’d like to hide ‘Yoast’ from ‘Yoast SEO’ and just keep ‘SEO’ or hide the headline completely leaving just parts where to enter metadata, like keywords etc. Monsterinsights (even Premium) Google Analytics got big image banner with their ‘monster’ on top of their analytics dashboard. I’d like to hide it. In front, I can do ‘display:none’ for things like these, but how to do that in Admin. Sorry for silly question, I’m not a programmer.


Ah I see. Sorry, I thought the text replacing issue was separate from modifying the WP admin area. MT won’t be able to help with the white-labelling either because it doesn’t affect WP admin pages.


Hi, balticsamurai, Hi, Sebastian,

Hope you don’t mind my chiming in. I tried to send a little code snippet I use but it was blocked from posting, but probably just as well because I stumbled upon a better method. BalticSamurai, you mentioned you weren’t a programmer but if you do css then you should find this do-able, too.

What might serve the best is the section: “Example: Load CSS File on All Admin Pages
This way you can create a stylesheet in your theme and just load it into the admin.

It’s not a Microthemer solution … but maybe it could end up being one at some point. A little custom css with the option to load into the admin 🙂


Chimers are always welcome here Abland 🙂

Thanks for the helpful resource. I hope you find it useful balticsamurai.

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