how to include css generated by Microthem in Style.css of the WordPress Theme

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easy question, I am at client site ..and I would like to delete for him the Microtheme plugin (because all changes were done).
I would like to include the generated plugin directly in the CSS of the them.
I have noticed that I could use a active-styles.css generated by Microtheme and a script in funtions.php in order to let it works even after plugin removal, but I prefer to include it directly in the Child theme in Style.CSS file so, even if the client delete the site ..everything will be save!
1) can I do it just copying and pasting the css code generated by MicroThem or should i do something more?
2) I cannot find in the last version the active-styles.css file ..where is it? or may I directly copy the css found in microtheme program under the button (<>) ?
Thanks for quick reply 😉



You can find Microthemer’s stylesheet in /wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css

You could just copy and paste the styles (from the < > place if it’s easier) as you say. But I would still recommend copying and pasting the code on the Inactive tab of the preferences to your child theme’s functions.php file. I’m not sure how you’re any more protected from loss by copying styles manually.

If you want to make sure the client doesn’t delete your Microthemer work, export your settings to a zip file via the export option and keep the zip file somewhere safe. You can always re-import it.



Thanks Sebastian!
I will do both, export and save (in case of) and copy css on Child Theme Stylesheet (where I have other customization)
Thanks again

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