How to target a nth-child

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I can’t seem to figure out how to target a nth-child.

I need to create something like:

#menu-main .menu-item:nth-child(10) .menu-text{

but I’m not sure how to do that.


Hi Martin,

You can add custom selectors to Microthemer via the selectors menu or via the advanced targeting options. See this video for an example:

Microthemer has UI options for setting :nth-child on the CSS modifiers menu to the right of the selector label field in targeting mode BTW. But it doesn’t have support for your type of selector, which adds the pseudo class on the parent in the selector:

.menu-item:nth-child(10) .menu-text

Rather than the target (which is supported):

.menu-item .menu-text:nth-child(10)



Hi Sebastian,

I think I get it :-). I will play around and see if I really get it.

If not (in the wise words of Arnold): I’ll be back! :-D.


Sure thing!

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