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Hi, I wonder how can I target the cart drawer created by the plugin cart pops with Microthemer so I can make changes to the CSS?

The site is –

And the cart looks like this –

I can’t see being able to target anything in the cart as it targets the things that are “behind” it.

I hope that makes sense but if not, maybe this screencast would do a better job –




I would probably need temporary access to the site, or a staging site, in order to see why Microthemer isn’t selecting the cart elements, which appear to be in the foreground. If you’re happy to grant that, you can send details via our secure contact form.

But as an alternative to clicking elements, you can also use the HTML inspection pane (bottom left of MT) to select elements. This requires some understanding of HTML. To find the right section of HTML, click on any line of HTML and then press Ctrl + F to open the HTML search options. Then search for cpops-drawer-modal – that is the id of the container element for the cart section. You can then click lines of HTML near that to select the individual cart elements.

I’m heading to bed now but can pick this up in the morning. I may be able to think of other ways to tackle this issue if site access is tricky.



Thanks for providing access. This was due to a CSS z-index issue – the cart drawer had a higher z-index than Microthemer’s selection highlighting. I’ve just fixed this in version, which I’ve installed on the staging site you provided access to.

Apologies for the trouble, I appreciate you helping me get to the bottom of the issue.

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