How To Target & Style Bricks Builder Form Success/Error Message?

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Bricks Builder Success Message

I have tried:
1. Ctrl + left click email field
2. Input the email
3. Ctrl + left click the submit button

The page reload but does not show any message. While testing on the front end without Microthemer, the message appears.




Thanks for your question. The Ctrl keyboard shortcut just works for following links when targeting mode is active. To interact with the page normally (to trigger the success message), try temporarily turning off targeting mode using the switch at the bottom right of the MT interface. Once you get it to show, you can flip the targeting switch back on to make style edits with Microthemer.

I hope that helps, if not please could you send me a link to the page you are working on?




It does not work. You can test it here:

Btw, I also want to style the loading state (submit button) when the submitted data is being saved. Can you also give me some clues how to do such thing?

Thank you


Thanks for sharing the link. I think I will have to set up a Newsletter form on my Bricks testing site to see why the submit button isn’t triggering the submission in MT.

In the meantime, this selector will target the submit button when it is loading:

#brxe-sgzcns .bricks-button.sending

And this selector will target the success message

#brxe-sgzcns .message.success

To create a custom selector in MT, click in anything, then paste the custom selector in the code field in the top toolbar and hit “Save”.

I will update you on the form submit issue.



OK, I’ve just released version, which should fix your Bricks newsletter form submission issue (when targeting mode is inactive). It also contains some improvements for working with pseudo elements. Please see the changelog for more details.

And please let me know if this update solves the problem for you



It’s working now! Thank you for your prompt response


You’re welcome! Thanks for confirming the fix.

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