I can't get rid of the date in the slider on this page

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There is a date visible in the slider on the homapge of https://www.ewe-i.com/ but I have no idea how to set it to display none. Is this even possible seeing as it doesn’t have it’s own class or ID?

I was thinking about using the pseudo class ::after for the class .nivo-caption-inner but that obviously didn’t work. I am in need in a bit of insight on this :-).



In order to target the date, separately from the rest of the content in that box, you need to segment it with a HTML tag e.g. a span. The span doesn’t need a class or id, although you can add one. Text nodes like that date do need to be wrapped with something in order to be targeted with CSS though.


P.S. ::before and ::after are separate “pseudo” elements created with CSS, they cannot be used to target text nodes present in the HTML.


Hi Sebastian,

That was quick :-).

Thanks for the answer. I will have a closer look as to what i might be able to do. But seeing as the slider came with a theme, I am severly limited :-(.


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