I can't get rid of this border [on specific div]

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Hello Guys,

I’m new to microthemer, very impressed so far.

On this home page (http://www.staging1.parkexecutive.co.uk) if you scroll down, there’s a box that says ‘some of our clients’ and it has the logos scrolling along. I have tried everything, and can’t get rid of the border.

Any help?

Thank you


Hey, I’m extremely sorry for the delay in responding to this. Once in a blue moon my feed reader fails to pick up a forum post and support requests slip through my net. My partner noticed this post with only one voice and has just notified me.

Looking at you site I see that there is no border where it says ‘some of our clients’. Did you manage to solve this one yourself?

Apologies again for the lack of response. Our aim is to respond to everyone within 24 hours or less.


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