i have an issue with selectors [automatically selects global elements]

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Notice: this information was written when Microthemer version 2 was current. On Dec 26th, 2014 version 3 was released with a completely new interface. Some of the information may be redundant, but as much of the functionality remains the same in version 3 we haven't deleted this post.

hi you should remember me i bought this product a long time ago before microthemer 2….ok the problem is that its been 7 months since i used microthemer and i am having problems selecting an individual item , i mean say if i highlight some text, it automatically selects all the text, even if i use the selector buttons and the drop-down menu i cannot get it to pick the exact thing im double clicking on without it selecting everything that’s associated with it, for instance i am trying to edit a sliding login panel that i edited last time in the exact same way and it has 4 columns with different text in them, if i click on one of those 4 columns it selects all 4 instead of that one, so say if i want to change background color in each different column to make them all have there own color i cant because it will only change all 4 , kinda hard to explain and yes i’ve watched all the videos but the problem is i am editing the exact same theme and plugins as i did last time and i could select everything individually before and change the color of each individual column, its nothing to do with installing the update as its a fresh install and i have tried the old version you sent me via email too (the first version of microthemer 2 that i was using last time) it used to work fine with the old and the newer updated version, am i missing something? its been that long since i used it,


Hi there,

It sounds like Microthemer’s selector wizard isn’t picking up an option for styling the individual boxes when it scans the page’s HTML for IDs and classes.

Sometimes a theme may be coded in such a way that it simply isn’t possible to target a particular element (as opposed to a set of elements) without adding classes or IDs to the theme’s HTML. But if you’ve achieved this before with Microthemer on the same theme it might be possible to get things to work without editing theme files.

Could you post a link to the page your working on please? I may be able to provide you with some custom selectors that you can paste into the Microthemer UI.




hi there please take a look its http://www.audioscratch.com if you click the login button at the top my panel will slide down and you can see what im trying to edit, but the thing is i have allready edited this before and it worked fine microthemer when i used it before with it , i could select all the sections seperately before without a problem



I think the theme/plugin author of the login area you’re trying to style may have changed the HTML code (if you were once able to style them individually but now can’t). Here is the HTML code for the 3 boxes (i’ve removed the HTML < > tags from the code below as I’ve noticed my forum software doesn’t currently allow HTML tags):

div class="left border" style="width:250px;"
div class="left" style="width:195px;"
div class="left right" style="width:195px;"
div class="left right" style="width:195px;"

You could target the fist box indivudually because it’s the only one with the “border” class (you may have to play with the options in the selector wizard dropdown menu). Unfortunately the other boxes don’t have unique classes or IDs so they can only be targeted as a set.

The only way for you to be able to re-style those boxes individually with Microthemer (or CSS generally) will be if you can locate the PHP file that contains the HTML code for the login area and add some IDs. So the updated code could be:

div id="login-box-1" class="left border"
div id="login-box-2" class="left"
div id="login-box-3" class="left right"
div id="login-box-4" class="left right"

Note: in the example above I’ve removed the inline styles that set the width of the boxes. Microthemer (or CSS generally) can’t override inline styles and so if you wanted to change the width of the boxes you would run into problems if the inline styles remain. If you’re happy with the width set by the inline styles you can leave them there of course.

I hope that’s useful,



hmm maybee your right, i think i will install the earlier version of the slider panel to see if that makes a difference first then i come back here if im still stuck because i managed to change widths and everything just fine before ??? gimme half hour i come back with results


OK, no problem.

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