[IMPROVEMENT] Make use of the Enter key when editing selectors

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When I edit a selector (label and code) I would like to save/confirm my edits by hitting the Enter key instead of reaching for my mouse in order to hit the “SAVE SELECTOR” button.

In the same direction – use the Esc key to mimic the “Cancel” button.

Same request is valid for when editing folders – Enter to confirm the renaming, Esc to cancel it.


Hey Drago, support this now. I went a bit further and added support for enter in the following contexts:

– Add folder
– Add / edit selector
– Change preview URL via view menu
– Custom media query label
– Import/export (although hitting enter selects menu items and then removes focus from the input, so a bit tricky sometimes)
– Create new selector (the selector name field auto-gains focus when clicking an element to select it. That isn’t new. But now, hitting enter after clicking an element is a shortcut for creating a selector. I hope it’s a good thing…)

I hope you find this useful!



You are my hero, Sebastian! You always amaze me with your approach to requests – always doing more than requested!

I think it’s time for Microthemer to be rebranded to SuperThemer 🙂

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