[RESOLVED][Improvement] Show CSS selector when hovering over MT selector

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Hi Sebastian,

When mousing over the MT selector name in the directories section you show a tooltip with the corresponding CSS selector. This is a very nice touch.

Could you do the same when hovering over the current MT selector at the top?

Currently you show the text “Quick edit – current selector”, which IMHO is not very helpful – one needs to click there only once in order to understand that this is editable, no need to be reminded every time. What could be useful though is to have a glance at the CSS selector for the current MT selector. Here is what I am talking about:

PS: by the way, are “CSS selector” and “MT selector” the correct terms to use for MT? I struggle every time to distinguish them when I write a post 🙂



MT did previously display the CSS selector code as you have requested. The problem was, people weren’t always realising they could edit the selector by clicking the name. You only need to read the “Quick edit – current selector” tooltip once perhaps, but until reading it once, it’s easy to be ignorant of that functionality.

I know what you mean though. I preferred having the ability to quickly see the CSS code with hover. But then we both know what happens if we click the selector name. A new user wouldn’t necessarily. And a UX specialist might tell me off 🙂

Regarding the CSS/MT selector terminology, join the club! An MT selector produces a CSS selector. And has a field for entering CSS selector code. But it is a GUI component, with various bells and whistles. You could call it a GUI selector, but MT selector seems just as good.


Yes, I understand what you are saying, but the MT selectors under a folder are also clickable and do not have the “Quick edit” tooltip. I am referring to consistency here – why have different behavior for same types of UI elements just because they are located at different places? I think a UX specialist would definitely frown on this :).

In UX you do not always need to tell the user what to do as long as the action is self-explanatory and not destructive. The fact that there is a “hand” cursor over the MT selector indicates that it is clickable and since clicking it is not changing anything, you do not explicitly need to explain the action – you just leave it to self-exploration (and learn by trying, which happens only once, or twice for the extremely talented 🙂 ) by the user – and this is perfectly fine.

If the above does not convince you, I have another suggestion – best of both worlds. Example:

.elementor-element-4d0b1c7 .elementor-row .elementor-inner-column
(Click to edit)

Convinced? 🙂


You know I had a strong feeling you were going to raise the fact that it doesn’t say ‘Go to selector’ in the main menu instead of showing the CSS. And the click to edit prompt LOL.

OK, I’ll give it whirl 🙂


Now that you brought this, consistency cries for:

.elementor-element-4d0b1c7 .elementor-row .elementor-inner-column
(Click to select)

for the selectors in the main menu 😉


… and thanks for considering!


Dear Sebastian,

If you would excuse me for reminding you about this feature again 🙂

I continue intuitively mouseovering the MT selector with the intent to see the CSS selector but am every time hit with the quick edit message 🙂

Would you consider resurrecting this improvement and add it to your list?


Hey Drago,

No problem at all, I will get this done by Friday! Just saw the date of our previous conversation 🙂



>>> Just saw the date of our previous conversation
Haha, yes, I counted every single day for a whole year 😉

Thanks a lot, Sebastian! (and for the other bugfix as well)


Your patience paid off. Finally updated in version 🙂


Thanks a lot, Sebastian! It works perfectly!

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