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A CSS search feature would be VERY useful. There have be several times that I have to dig through the folders or hover for the toll tip to see the class for an edit that was made. It can be very time consuming. We do our best to label and organize, but searching would be way faster.

If I’ve done 50-100 edits finding something like .menu_item_title_5abe43c3b1687 can be a real pain especially if it wasn’t included in the label


Hi Drago,

Thanks for your suggestion. This feature is already on the todo list. It will probably come with a replace feature too. The following video demonstrates 2 alternative ways to relocate selectors that you can implement right now:


  1. Following the blue numbers in targeting mode, if you know which element on the page your selector targets
  2. Searching the generated CSS with Ctrl+F).

I thought it worth mentioning these options in case you or other readers hadn’t noticed them.



Hi Sebastian,

Credit for the request goes to webdiner this time 🙂 But I would like to +1 on this as well, as you know already.

Thanks for the hints as well!

A question: when you implement the search, will it be able to search by both MT selector label and CSS selector code? It would be really helpful to be able to do both.


Yes, I think it will search for matches in the following places:

Folder name
Selector name
Selector code
Selector properties values
Full code editor CSS


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