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I created a top menu in the olsen light theme with the items on the left and I want to place the website logo in text format (and not in vector image) on the right, but I’m not getting it. Would the microthemer help me?
I appreciate your help.



Microthemer should be able to help with the styling (positioning the logo and text). But as it’s not a content editor, you would need to add/change the text format logo using another method. Once you’ve done that, feel free to send me a link to your site so that I can advise you on the details.



OK! I will be looking for another way.
Thank you so much and I love the microthemer!


Oh that’s great to hear!

And I forgot to mention that you can actually add some text to a page with CSS using the content property (see the Behaviour group) and a pseudo element e.g. ::before (see video example).

This approach has limitations. It’s normally better to change text with normal HTML elements, but it’s useful to know about.


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