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I’m using Central Colour Palette on one of my Oxygen test sites and was wondering if there was any possibility of integrating it with Microthemer.

It works for ACF and Max Mega Menu.


Hi Galen,

I notice from the plugin screenshots that there is an option within Central Colour Palette to “Add global CSS variables”. It may be possible to enable that feature and then reference the color variables in Microthemer’s code editor (support for entering CSS variables via the color picker is coming soon).

So in Microthemer you would have:

p.test {
   color: var(--jewel);

Where Jewel is the name of a color within your Central Colour Palette settings.

If this works, great! If not, could you send me a link to one of the pages on your site after enabling “Add global CSS variables” so I can troubleshoot?



Ah this would be great. I use O2 for my global colours but having them in a system like this, with different shades (and variables?) would be ace.


Thanks Sebastion,

I was thinking more about something that would pull those colours into the Microthemer colour picker automatically as swatches in the same way it does for ACF and Gutenberg.

Maybe under the Preferences panel as a Global Colours tab as with Oxygen and Divi?

I am using within Oxygen but I use Microthemer a lot in most projects and it would be nice to be able to set Global Swatches in Microthemer to that limited palette automatically.

This is all part of trying to streamline my workflow so I can roll out web sites more efficiently.


So you wouldn’t want them to change based on when change them inside that tool? You just want them to show up, is that correct?

Doesn’t the style grab feature in MT grab them already?


Ideally change when they changed inside that tool and also be restricted when that tool is checked to restrict the palette to those colours.

If not, then at least to be able to add Global Colour(s)watches in Microthemer Preferences would be useful.

MT grabs too many colours including those from imported sets. The beauty of Global Colours is being able to change them once in one place.


I understand your points Galen. I will add support for pulling from Advanced custom fields and Oxy Agency Tools (as requested by Dean in another thread) and Central Colour Palette. I will do this when I add support for CSS and Sass variables on the picker. I’ll move on to style option improvements once I’ve finished the Oxygen integration features I’m currently working on.

Thanks for the suggestions!


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