Internet Explorer woes. Menu doesn't align to the left

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I’m having only one problem (as far as I can tell :-)) with Internet Explorer. If you compare what you see in Chrome with IE

you see that the top menu (UNIVERSE DEALERS ABOUT US CONTACT) doesn’t align to the left.

I have looked for several solutions online, but I couldn’t get any to work. So I am in need of some help :-).




Hey Martin,

The following selector is causing issues due to position absolute:

/** Top menu >> Fusion alignleft **/
.fusion-alignleft {
	margin-top: 24px !important;
	position: absolute !important;

I’m not sure exactly why IE messes up the layout completely, I haven’t tried to support any version of IE for a long time. Perhaps if you set position:relative on the parent of the menu container it might help.



I also don’t really support IE anymore. But in this case there was a question for it and I am trying to the best I can. But I still hate IE :-(.

Changing the absolute doesn’t affect it the way it should. Maybe I need to look for a way to keep IE out of it all together *sigh*

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