Is it possible to delete objects?

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Is it possible to delete entire objects? E.g.
Within my current theme (Harmonic) I want to delete the page title including the underlying separator line on each page and all space around it. Is there a way to establish that? Or is a certain approach recommended for doing that?
B.t.w. I’m not a programmer;-)


Robert Roos
(Newbie WordPress user)


Hi there,

You could hide the element using Microthemer. Once you’ve created a selector for the title (or the element that wraps around the title) you can set the display property to none. Like so:

But I believe that’s discouraged for SEO reasons. I don’t think Google likes seeing hidden h1 elements. It wants to see just one visible h1 element on every page. This may involve editing theme files though. If you can tell me why you want to delete the page title I might be able to advise you better.



Hi Sebastian,

I want to entirely remove the page title including the divider line below the title. I have attached a screenshot (1) of one my pages which includes the page title and divider line.
I have managed to hide the page title and divider line with Microthemer but now there is a lot of white space above my page. See screenshot (2)

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (2)


Hi Robert,

If you double click the white space just below your black menu you should be able to create a selector for the #content-wrapper element. This element has a top-padding value of 80px. That’s what is causing the white space that you don’t want. Once you’ve created a selector for that #content-wrapper element you can go to the Padding & Margin style group and set the top padding to something lower like 40.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need further assistance with this.


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