Issue theming a button inheriting styling from WP Simple pay

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SOLVED Editing it as a page level item allowed me to style it appropriately. Leaving context below if anyone else faces similar issue.

The button ID is simply showing up as button ID “6”

Microthemer is telling me “Plain numbers are not permitted as names. Please use some letters too.” when I try and change the color of the text of the button…

I’m so far unable to change the name of the class or update it in Microthemer in either the label suggestions or target tab.

Is there something I am missing here to change the color of the text?

Thanks for your help.


Hey Jonathon,

Thanks for reporting this. I’m glad you found and shared your solution. Another option would be to simply rename the selector from “6” to e.g. “Button 6” via the field in the top toolbar (to the right of the lightening bolt icon).

Basically, Microthemer doesn’t want selector labels to be plain numbers because it messes up its internal processes. But incidentally, it’s also not valid CSS to reference an id that starts with a number e.g. #6. Classes and ids need to start with letters (or a hyphen/underscore) e.g. #s6.

Normally numbers aren’t used at the start of classes or ids when the HTML is defined, so this is a bit of an edge case. But according to the article I referenced, it is valid HTML (even though it isn’t valid CSS). And could still be targeted using an attribute CSS selector e.g.

button[id="6"] {
   color: red;

But with Microthemer, it might be easier to just use an alternative suggestion from the list (also in the top toolbar).


Thanks so much Sebastian for the detailed follow up…

I originally tried to rename the selector in the top tool bar and it wouldn’t work for me.

I am confident this is 100% operator error and if it ever happens again, I will make sure and more fully explore that option.

Oddly enough this is the only button that utilized that naming convention despite using the same plugin to generate all the pay links and buttons for more site, but it was a nice “breaking in” and introduction to the tool to find some methods for trouble shooting and a work around.

Looking forward to learning much more about this tool in the future, that’s for sure!

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