JavaScript doesn't save in full code editor & Labels for selectors are missing

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after some update I am missing label inputs for selectors and I can’t name selectors with friendly names. They were gone with no reason.

Second issue what I have is with js in full code editor. If I edit CSS tab, everything is saved properly and works, but in case If i fill some script (i tried jQuery and even vanilla JavaScript) it is not saved and after closing and reopening MT the tab for JS in full code editor is empty.

I checked permissions but everything other works fine.

PHP: 7.4.12
WP: 5.5.3
Hosting: VPS Linux on Plesk

Thank you very much for recommendations



Hey Jan,

Regarding the friendly labels, click the chain/code icon to the right of the selector code field when targeting an element to unsync the code/label. I suspect you clicked that by accident. It’s a bad UI setup, which I will fix in the next major release.

You need to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S to save JavaScript code. That will save your code and auto-reload the site. Again, this workflow can and will be improved very soon.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need help with anything else, or my suggestions don’t solve your issues.



Hi Sebastian,

you are the best. Everything works like a charm.

Thank you very much



Oh that’s great to hear!

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